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Farm and Herb Shoppe

Farm and Herb Shoppe

Natural Woolen Dryer Balls


Natural Woolen Dryer Balls

*Reduce drying time,

*Softens laundry naturally, without chemicals or dryer sheets.

*Won’t harm your clothes and will last for many years.

  *They reduce static just like  dryer sheets.

*They help dry clothes faster by pulling moisture out of clothes to reduce drying time.


Hand-made completely  from felted wool, by our family here in Pennsylvania.

(All our  Wool is from Pennsyvlania or Michigan farms.)

Simply toss 2-3 balls in your dryer with wet clothes and start. Can spray with Linen Spray for a fresh scent.

They are also a wonderful cat or dog toy when they “accidentally” make their way out of the dryer!

These are each 1 ounce balls of roving, then we wrap colored wool yarn around each ball of roving and felt, to make the dryer balls.  Linen spray is sold seperatly.  

Color of roving and wool yarn varies.


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